Thursday, 25 June 2009

Majority of UK Firms Ignore Customer Insight

Majority of UK Firms Ignoring Customer Insight -- KDB survey reveals fewer than half of financial directors and managers see companies in their field using data in marketing

Fewer than half UK financial directors and managers think that companies in their industry sector are using customer data to drive marketing initiatives, a new survey by database marketing and consumer insight firm KDB shows.

When asked if, overall, most firms in their sector were able to access and analyse customer data and then use this intelligence in their marketing, only 43% of the 1,000 finance directors and senior financial managers surveyed said yes. The survey covered regions throughout the UK, key industry sectors and firms of different sizes.
The sector in which respondents were most likely to see firms using customer insight in their marketing was

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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Consulting Smart advising a Championship Football Club

Consulting Smart Ltd, parent company of Smart Stadia are now advising a Championship Football Club on the integration of customer centric services and their delivery through a single token.

When interviewed Steve Beecroft Consulting Smart's Smart Technologies Consultant, Founder and Managing Director said "This is a very positive step forward for the stadia environment and even more important for the fans and supporters or as we prefer to call them customers.

Customers want convenience and value for money, by enabling them to access many services through a single token this is exaclty what our client is providing them. This is the future of stadia as has been proven by the level of interest we are receiving from all types of sports clubs and arena managers across the UK and Europe."

When asked abouth the nature of the relationship Mr Beecroft responded "Consulting Smart are proud to be advising our client on how to organically deploy a multi-application smart card scheme within the stadia and intergrate existing services and solutions to that scheme. If at sometime in the future any of our clients need assitance with provision of a Cashless, CRM, Access Controls or even an Assett Tracking system our colleagues in Smart Stadia will be only too happy to help."

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Note to Editors Consulting Smart Ltd is a privately owned company established in 2006, working mainly with Local Authorities, Holiday Villages, Schools and Universities dwsigning and implementing multi-application multi-supplier smart card schemes.

Smart Stadia is a newly formed division of Consulting Smart Ltd focusing on the delivery of customer centric delivery solutions to the stadia and venue environments.

Smart Stadia in Football

Consulting Smart Ltd, have seen such a surge in interest of their cashless and CRM solutions in the Stadia environment they have launched and new division specifically to serve the needs of clients in this industry sector.

Smart Stadia is the new division and will be headed up initially Steve Beecroft the Managing Director of Consulting Smart Ltd, who has assigned a dedicated team of consultants to build strong relationships with existing clients and develop a wider and deeper share of the Stadia and Venue market.

During an interview for an industry publication Mr Beecroft confirmed "we are seeing enquiry levels far greater than we could have hoped for. I thought that this would be a tough market to crack, but the decision makers in Football Clubs clearly see the synergies in the very successful implementations that we have done in other sectors such as leisure, schools, universities and local authorities and their own need to transform the way they deliver services to their customers. This has always been our basis for entering this market and it is satisfying to see we have made the right decision"

When asked about strategy and the pace of change Mr Beecroft commented "We have been reacting to enquiries comming from the blind side rather than generating those enquiries ourselves, and whilst this is a nice problem to have we recognise that this is not a good strategy on which to build a sucessful and sustainable business.

After a period of market analysis we have now developed a Market Optimisation Plan (MOP) which will guide us through the next 24 months. However we recognise the need to retain our dynamic responsiveness to client requirements and needs and so the MOP is to be constantly monitored and our targets measured against it.

We are in a much better position to consider partnering with new clients and also forming strategic alliances with other suppliers where there is a mutual benefit for all involved.

We have also secured the necessary Trade Marks, URL's and patents required and now have a simple website for customers and clients to find out more about us and contact us directly, whilst a more comprehensive web presence dedicated to Smart Stadia is under construction."

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